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How to respond when my children say they hate me

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The way I always handled that was to not react. "Oh, I'm sorry you feel that way." and move on. It's suppose to cause a reaction and if you don't react they won't keep doing it. Once things have calmed down though definitely tell them you are disappointed for using ugly words when they were upset. Give them better words to use like "I'm very mad!" or "This makes me grouchy!" which are acceptable.


When I’m told this, I simply say “I am sorry to hear that, I love you.”, and if I’m able to, I give a hug to the child. They usually apologize after they’ve calmed down, that is, if they remember saying it. Try not to let it bother you too much. We all tend to say things when we’re mad and not mean it.

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How to respond when my children say they hate me
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