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When can babies swim in a lake?

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If the lake is clean, I would say take the baby in whenever your doctor says it is ok. Personally, I'd take my baby in any lake in Nova Scotia (very clean lakes unless it is a drought!) once their umbilical cord had fallen off and had stopped oozing goop. Love my technical terms?

Lakes around here? Depending on where, I might take them in at the same time or later. Like Lake Michigan, I would wait until my baby was older and not so much a newborn. Just because Lake Michigan is not very clean and tends to be very polluted. We've seen dead fish etc. on one side of a wharf and on the other side people swimming. That so turned me off swimming in Lake Michigan. :( I am spoiled though because as I mentioned, I grew up in Nova Scotia and most of the lakes were clean. The health department or Department of Natural Resources would close the beaches if the water was low and tested positive for harmful bacteria.

I would also consider a thermal suit that helps an infant retain their heat so they do not get so chilled.

For older babies, once it was summer time I would be taking them to the lake whenever we went to the lake as a family.

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When can babies swim in a lake?
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