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When does a baby sit unassisted?

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It varies from infant to infant as does other motor skills. i.e. crawling, rolling, walking, talking, etc. My son did not sit up by himself until he was 7 months old. Each infant develops at his or her own pace. I used to get frantic and worried because my son was not developing in the top percentile. But, I relaxed and let it go because he is smart and does things when he is ready and comfortable doing them, not when I want him to. So, relax mommies, the time will come for them to reach their next milestone, and it will be the right time for them.


Each baby is different, some sit at 5 or 6 months and some not until 7 or 8. Mine all sat at different times. I wouldn't worry if your baby isn't sitting at the same time as other babies you may know. They will do it on their own time.

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When does a baby sit unassisted?
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