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How to cope with my new mom stress?

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If you need to step out of the room for a moment to breathe (make sure the infant is secure and safe in his/her bed first), do so. And, it is okay to cry. Do not feel bad for crying or feel bad for being stressed. This is all new to you. Even I had nieces and nephews I cared for but when I became a mother, it was totally different because these were now my own and the pressure was greater. I cried a lot and got frustrated. But, each day gets easier, I promise. However, you should never take your frustration out on your child. If you feel like doing so, contact a trusted friend or relative to take your baby for a while so you can recompose yourself.

PS: I am 32, and even I felt overwhelmed. It does not matter about age when it comes to being a new mom. We've all been there.


The reality of being a new mom is very stressful. There are sleeplessnights, constant worry, no personal time, and so much more. I have had my firstbaby and what I have noticed is that seemed to paste a stamp on your foreheadthat reads, “Please give me all your advice… Then repeat.” -_- I know peoplefeel the need to give advice but a lot of us don’t want it UNLESS we ask. Sincehaving my baby I must say there are certain phrases/statements that I CANNOThandle (especially when REPEATED!). Now there are some exceptions; grandparentsand first time mothers who have a baby the same age as yours.


Arrange help for the household chores. You may be too exhausted to keep up with everything postpartum. Don't be afraid to ask for help during your pregnancy or request maid cleaning gift certificates as a great baby shower gift.


sleep while ur little one. Sleeps.

Relax when you have a moment to yourself its difficult taking care of an infant and if u feel stressed breath in and out a couple of times ...your baby needs you thats why he's crying..


My POINT… is to all the new and expecting moms… it's ok… Don't fret or stress over everything that you are supposed to be doing for them… My kids are happy, healthy, funny, silly and WELL...

Everything in moderation… But when you read something on the internet or an article or in a mommy book, they are just a perspective… and idea… someone' thoughts… so, take from it something, but don't make it everything… Breathe...

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How to cope with my new mom stress?
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