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When should a baby be practicing to sit?

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For us, we let Lucas discover it on his own. He officially sat up at 7 months! But, he was practicing for awhile before that. David and I would sit him up around 4 months or so. He started rolling over then and had super good neck muscles, so that's when we felt it was safe. We'd sit him on our laps or prop him up with his back to a wall or something sturdy. A bumbo is a great option to practice, but by the time we wanted to start using his, his thighs were too chunky for it!! I feel it'st most safe when they have good neck and head control. :)


In our personal experience.. between 3-4 months, we helped Monroe "practice" sitting. I think this is the time you can begin placing them in that ever popular "bumbo" seat.. helping to establish some balance and help those back & neck muscles too! You always want to do any sort of "sitting practice" in small increments and work your way up. We also notice that the bend in the hips, sitting 90* like that.. sometimes makes Monroe's belly not feel so lovely.. especially post eating, so remember to keep that in mind too.. or you might get a milk urp or two :) But small bits of practice in sitting are so so great for baby when you think their head control is pretty established!

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When should a baby be practicing to sit?
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