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When to give baby cereal for the first time

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The recommendation is between 4 and 6 months . I know a lot of moms wait until 6 months with their little ones .All of my boys have started at 4 months old at the recommendation of our pediatrician . They were all big eaters so they were much happier when they started getting bit of solid food . Make sure to make it really soupy at first so they can get used to swallowing something thicker than formula or breast milk and get used to eating from a spoon . I always started with rice cereal but I know some moms start with oatmeal . Whatever you start with make sure you stick with just the cereal for awhile before you start introducing any other foods . Also remember it isn't meant to replace breast or bottle feeding .


I gave my 5 month old oatmeal cereal and he seemed fine with it the first two times.

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When to give baby cereal for the first time
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