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Natural birth or epidural: what's your choice

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Well with my first 2 daughters I had the epidural. And with my 2nd daughter getting that needle in my back I felt everything the shock in my legs, the needle hitting the bone everything, so for the last daughter I decided not to get the epidural. I just wish my hubby was there because he would have help me control the pain better. If I had to do it all over again I would without meds.


I prefer natural. I didn't feel any contraction pains with my son--I was fortunate enough. I had to have an epidural afterwards because I needed a Cesarean. I have a narrow birth canal, and my son was not coming down the birth canal, even after I began dilating.
I had to have a spinal (epidural) with my daughter, and that is EXTREMELY painful. I never want to endure that again--though she was totally worth it. I was up and moving around the day of both c-sections.


I always plan natural births. I'm expecting my 15th in December. I have had 5 vaginal births since my c-section with the twins.


I wanted natural with my son but I was puking every 30 seconds after my doctor broke my water. So I got the epidural and I'd do it again. Keep an open mind. There's nothing wrong with needing pain relief. It does not make you less of a woman or a mom. Labor sucks. And I had to have a c-section anyways so I'm glad I had it when it came time for that. With this second one I'll try without the epidural but I'm not opposed to it.


I had 2 epidurals with my girls and plan for another with this baby. It worked for me and if it did that's what I'm sticking with. With Leilani I had to be induced after two weeks from her passing. Let me tell you this just because they're already gone doesn't mean you don't feel the contractions and all the pain. They let me get an epidural, it worked but I still was in unbearable pain. Not from the contractions but in my heart knowing she'd never take a breath after all this hard work. With Julianna the epidural did wonders for me and hopefully will again for my next peanut.


I''m planning on an epidural. I already know I won't be able to handle it.


OMG's I was indused and as soon as that FIRST contraction hit and was WAY of the chart far enough away for the nurse to go wow that's a really really big one and for her to get get another nurse cause I almost passed out... (yeah bad news bears) I was 100% epidural that I got continous for as long as I needed it and if I needed a litle more I could push the button every half hour for an extra "boost" for my next two I will have drugs but I will also be having c-sections so not so sure how it will all go... but I am all about my pain meds.. I can handle pain but THAT is a totally different pain and I coud not handle it... Just and FYI they will / should give you paper work to sign for an epidural when you come in... SIGN IT!!! even if you want to wait and might not want or need it sign that paper just incase then everything is ready and you wont have to worry about filling out more forms when you are in pain...

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Natural birth or epidural: what's your choice
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