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Other breast leaks while nursing: what can I do?

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I strongly suggest investing in nursing pads. Stick it in your bra on the opposite side to catch any leaking. I also tucked burp cloths into my bra under the side she was nursing on to catch the overflow. It got better as Avery got older. I guess my nipples just figured out the proper flow

In general, applying firm pressure to the breast while it's leaking can stop it. In the mornings when I'm really full I still have to put a bra on before I nurse so the pressure keeps my other side from leaking.


When you first start breast feeding your body may over produce, have a fast let down.

If you can pump during or before breast feeding into breast milk storage bags, save the milk for when you'll need it. It shouldn't leak too much but have extra pads handy. I have 3 nursing bras and lots breast pads. I use to pump and save it but lately I haven't had any extra leakage.

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Other breast leaks while nursing: what can I do?
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