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Competing and comparing with other moms

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My husband's friend's wife always tries to make everything a competition and I can't stand it. She has stooped so low as to say that I'm a bad mom for not getting rid of the baby bottle from my son who just turned one. I hate how some moms will make everything a competition when it's not even necessary. I mean we are all doing the best we can for our kids why can't making them happy and satisfied be enough!!


I am guilty of this, specially with my sister but again i think we all had done it in the down low!!


competing and comparing with other mothers is something most are guilty of at one time or another. I find I'm too air-headed to maintain curiosity of others' deeds. I would say that I can't be that different from any other mother in my core concern: my children. Are they clothed, fed, sheltered, loved, given attention, given mental and physical stimulation?

Yes, well then, I'm not going to play the "who's better?" game.


I don't compare myself to other moms. I do the best I can for me and my kids and if they're happy and healthy, that's all that matters to me!


Honestly I think you should never compete or compare yourself to other moms. Every mom is different and every mom has a different style of raising their child.

Sometimes it's hard to see a mother allow a child to do something that your against and that you think is wrong and it's hard to not say anything. I've seen moms duke it out in public places over little things and it's hard to watch.


One thing I've learned is do not compare yourself to other moms. You have your reasons for doing things differently. The only time I have found comparing myself to be a positive thing is when I've learned a different way of mothering that improves my own mothering style.

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Competing and comparing with other moms
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