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What is your work at home mom's schedule

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I'm the same... drop of kids at 7:30.. then I come home and grab my ipod and go for my run and workout.. about an hour... come back.. eat something and I sit down right away to get some stuff done.. 2 hours.. then I get up and clean up from the morning.. dishes, beds, pick up, etc... then back for 2 more hours..


Then I clean up the house a bit, take a shower, and review my to-do lists for the day.

Then I check my emails and add any urgent to dos to my list and respond as needed.

Usually work involves doing some networking with authors, a little website marketing, editing a book for a while, reading my current book for review, and writing usually between 1500-5000 words of content. I also do whatever work I need to on Moms.com.


Wake up. Get coffee.

School Days - cook breakfast for kids.

Non School Days - cook breakfast for kids

School days - drop kids, come home and work

Non School days - take time to work while kids eat and I drink coffee.

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What is your work at home mom's schedule
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