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Ways to get pregnant fast

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So I ordered the tea, I researched and thought I could benefit from the tea since I am not regular. I started the tea on Thursday and got my period on Friday not just two weeks early but very heavy and lots of cramps which is out of the norm for me. I am not sure if the tea could of had such an impact so soon


Unlike some women, I don't seem to have any problems getting pregnant. I cannot remember if we consulted with an OB/GYN before we tried to conceive, but that's a good idea. I know I read a few books and made note of special ways to conceive.


Fertilitea! Let me repeat... FERTILITEA!Beware, if you have a normal-length and regular period it may screw you up... but pretty much everyone who takes fertilitea gets pregnant.Also, look up soy isoflavones for conception and Evening Primrose Oil for conception.

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Ways to get pregnant fast
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