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Mom, do you use fake or live Xmas trees? Why?

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REAL always !! I hate fake trees and it puts us in the Christmas mood with the smell of a fresh tree !!


Okay, I know it's not even close to Christmas but I just cleaned out the closet that my very fake tree is in. Yes, we do fake and the reason is I am very allergic to real Christmas trees!

When I was a teenager someone my mom knew was giving away real Christmas trees so she got one. We put it up, oooohed and ahhhed over how great it smelled... and then everyone in my house spent the next few weeks miserable with allergies because we were all allergic to it!


Every year when I was little we had the same fake tree and I didn't like it. Since I've been with my bf we have had a real tree. We had our family's first real live tree in our new apartment and plan on having a real live tree every christmas!

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Mom, do you use fake or live Xmas trees? Why?
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