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Nicknames of your babies and kids

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Katalina is Kat or Kitty Kat.
Julianna is Lianna, Jay, Juli, JayJay Anna(ahna) or baby
Sometimes I refer to Leilani as LeiLei


I call Dezmond : Dez

Zion : no nickname

Kaden : baby because he is the last baby of the family.


Emily: We usually just call her Emily, some people shorten it and just call her Em.

Jordan: We sometimes call him J.T. his name is Jordan Timoth

Jason: We'll call him Jay once in awhile

Cody: We call him Codeman.

Aubrey: She hasn't arrived into this world yet, she might have a nickname I'm thinking maybe Bree.


My mom has been in the delivery for the birth of both of my kids. I needed her support when I had Liam

So when she saw my son for the 1st time she called him bubbalue, not sure why, and she still calls him that till this day.

For Gabbi, I can't remember what she call her, but my stepdad calls her skooter pie-again not sure why, lol.

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Nicknames of your babies and kids
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