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I'm not ready for a baby!

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I don't think anyone is really ready for a baby. But I sure wanted one really bad. I was always reading every book or magazine I could get my hands on if it was teaching about taking care of baby's. And I'm so ready and excited about my baby girl that's going to be here in a few months. I might not always know what to say. But I was always close to my mom and I remember just about everything she told me.


I am currently pregnant ith my first and i am not ready to be a mom. I have a job and am really nervous about this baby. I mean im exiceted but still. We both have jobs and i dont want my baby to go to daycare. But i will do my best. So no one is really ready for a baby.


When I got pregnant with my oldest, I was terrified. I didn't know how to be a mom (obviously i was a new mom to be). But she was my utter blessing cause I wasn't supposed to have any


Just remember, our bodies are made to handle it, and you won't really have a choice in the end. You CAN and WILL do it! I know I have thought a lot about it, and the pain terrifies me, but it's what I am created to do and when the time comes I can do it!

I am sure there have been plenty of new moms go in terrified of what will happen and come out fine and happy, forgetting about it as soon as baby is in her arms. :)

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I'm not ready for a baby!
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