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there are some things that I just cannot do–and one of those is to allow my children–especially teenage children–to have or attend a co-ed sleepover.

Call me old-fashioned,

but me personally, I could never do it.


I would have to say yes. We require our children to respect adults, use their manners, speak when spoken to (as long as we are present, we don't require them to speak to strangers) and we want them to obey us when they are asked to do something without any lip, goes along with respect I suppose. We have rules and would be considered somewhat strict but we do know of stricter families.


I'm very old fashioned and think kids should have manners and know how to act in public. Should still say mamm and sir. And never disrespect an adult.

Don't get me wrong I don't think I bust their butts as often as they need it, cause it always makes me feel bad even if they did something and deserve it.

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Are you an old fashioned mom?
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