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Deciding on second pregnancy after a complicated first pregnancy

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I never officially decided to have a second baby after my first complicated pregnancy. I was just careless and unprotected and had sex then I was pregnant with baby #2. I lost Leilani as a stillborn so yes I do admit I was careless. I was soooo scared my whole pregnancy, scared of the same outcome, scared because I didn't tell anyone, scared of her being unhealthy since she didn't receive all the stuff she should of been getting. But after all my worries she was a beautiful healthy tiny little girl


If you have a complicated first pregnancy, I think deciding on when or if to become pregnant again is a very, very personal decision- one that each couple must make at their own pace.

And, of course, you have to be mentally prepared for being concerned in an upcoming pregnancy so learning how to deal with stress constructively is always a plus.


I think the scariest thing for me will be making sure the baby will be healthy since my daughter was born with so many health problems.I guess that's why I always kept myself distant from serious relationships and didn't think about having any other kids until now.

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Deciding on second pregnancy after a complicated first pregnancy
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