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Benefits of having one child vs two

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There are benefits and downfalls to having one child vs two, and it's definitely a personal decision. One thing to keep in mind about having one child, is they have your undivided resources. Whether it is your money, or your time, or energy, or patience... adding a second child to the mix splits that up. Some studies have gathered that only children may be smarter, however there's a chance of social isolation as well. And, of course, there are factors for you as well... like how much time you'll have to yourself and how long you want to have children in the house.


Coming from a family of 8 children and as a mother of 6...I am definitely an advocate of giving your child at least one sibling to bond with, if possible!


Family dynamics and how parents handle multiple children is an interesting thing to study. Some might be more harsh on the oldest so that child sets a good example and model for the younger, some parents might be more harsh on the younger because they've been through it and now "know a thing or two" and how to handle bad behavior, etc

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Benefits of having one child vs two
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