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Benefits of organic milk for babies

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Organic milk in the real sense of the word should be free of chemicals like herbicides or pesticides, growth hormones, additives and preservatives or added sugar for that matter. Nor are the cows on organic farms given antibiotics so the milk is antibiotic free as well.

If the farms raise the cows correctly, they will be grassfed with minimal grain, as cows are ruminants needing forage like grass and hay more than grain. Some organic farms will give a bit of organic grain in the morning and evening because lactating cows do use up a lot of their energy producing milk and need the extra calories. It took us several months to get our underweight dairy cow up to the norm and we had to use organic dairy grain. We are slowly weaning her down from the amount we had her at because we have lush alfalfa, clover, timothy plus a couple other grasses in our new pasture.

All of these benefits are passed on to us and our babies when we feed them organic milk.

Our family drinks raw organic milk and our children do not want to go back to regular store bought milk. Raw milk is a whole other topic though!

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Benefits of organic milk for babies
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