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What are the signs of postpartum depression?

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in addition to what the others have said you might also feel hopeless, you could also have physical pain (it will feel very different from any pain related to the birth), apathy is another symptom. Depression is any of the symptoms that eveyone has listed that lasts more than 2-3 weeks. People who suffer from migraines are predisposed to depression, so if you've had migraines, you should be assessing yourself. I think anyone who is worried that they might have PPD should see their physician. I had chronic severe migraine and PPD that was off the charts and I fought going to a doctor because of the stigma asociated with any mental illness


I suffered from some pretty nasty PPD after Audrey was born. It took me a long time to admit that there was a problem, and even longer to recognize it as PPD. I didn't feel sad or angry. I loved my daughter and had a great bond with her. I just didn't feel anything. I almost felt like a zombie, or like I was watching my life like one would watch a movie. I would react to things a certain way because I knew that's how I was supposed to react, not because I felt the emotions I was faking.


Being a constant, loving, encouraging support seemed to help my daughter get through her PPD...but I had to leave home to be with her for about 6 weeks and also encourage her to seek professional help as well.

Dealing with a newborn is challenging for any new mother, but with PPD in the loop of changes, I believe it is important to have extra help/support/encouragement close by for a significant amount of time to get the new mommy through it.

a long time ago

I was constantly having anxiety attacks over silly, non-important things. For instance, I remember sitting in my living room panicking that the cable guy will come to check our lines and I won't hear him. I literally had a full blown panic attack over that! I was constantly crying, I had no appetite and I was always tired. Now sure, I had a newborn at home, but the kind of tired I was feeling was different than that tired you feel from being up all night.


I suffered from postpartum depression really bad after my second daughter was born. i was miserable. I didn't want to be around anybody.

My mom suffered from severe depression and tried to kill herself after my oldest was born, I never want to put my kids through what my mom put me through


my "after" pregnancies were no picnic! I suffer from severe post partum depressionWith my first I tried to get through it without the help of a doctor... but I had a break down while driving to the store one day and ended up seeing a psychiatrist .With the love a support of my clinicians, family , and friends I got through it. I was definitely ready when it hit after baby number 2 and 3.

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What are the signs of postpartum depression?
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