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When will my baby girl sleep through the night?

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This is different for every baby. Charlie slept in a bassinet next to my bed until he was 5 months old and outgrew it. But he slept through the night only waking up to feed at 8 weeks old. At 5 months old we transferred him to his crib and nursery and he took to it right away. He'll still wake up for a bottle once or twice but it's really just a matter of giving him a bottle, sitting in the rocker for a few minutes and he's right back to sleep.

But Charlie never had any issues like reflux or colic. Those things could definitely get in the way of your child sleeping through the night. I also have a good routine with him. Around 9pm (when we're home) I take him into the bedroom, dim the lights and calm things down. No toys, no loud noises or bright screens like the tv. Consistency is key when getting baby to sleep through the night.

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When will my baby girl sleep through the night?
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