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After I get my tubes tied: how do I still have a period

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Your hormones will not change or be effected.

When you get your period the bleeding comes from your uterus. The lining of your uterus builds up each month to create a rich environment for a fertilized egg to grow. Then no fertilized egg implants and grows you will have your period. Each month one of your ovaries will release as egg. That egg will travel through the fallopian tube and into your uterus.

When your fallopian tubes are tied or cut you are prevent the egg from traveling through the fallopian tube and to the uterus. The sperm is unable to swim up the fallopian tube as well. Since the sperm and egg can't meet you can't get pregnant.

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After I get my tubes tied: how do I still have a period
04/01/17Moment of the day
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