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Decorating ideas for wooden hanging letters

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I like the yarn covered ones, especially if you use a neutral sort of 'wrapping' color, and add detachable decorations to use year-round. And neat trick I found on Pinterest! If you use yarn, you don't even have to buy a wooden letter... You can just cut it from cardboard. WAY easier to hang up and basically free.

You can make swirligigs on it with Elmer's glue, let it dry, paint it with metallic, then brush it with a darker metallic acrylic then wipe off (so it gets 'antiqued') if you wanna go super classy with it.


I painted some for Johnny's room in a matching color of his painted border.

For Joley I painted a canvas in a neutral color that matched her bedding and then painted letters in a different matching color and glued them to the canvas in a staggered way and added polka dots of the same color around them. It was really cute!

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Decorating ideas for wooden hanging letters
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