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Moms, is working from home as stressful as other jobs

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I think whether a work from home job is as stressful as something outside the home really depends on the jobs in question.

So, as you can see, working from home is all about being able to strike a balance. The pros and the cons are synonymous. For me, it's worth it, but you really have to take into account your needs, dreams, self-motivation, social needs, skills, and situation.


I love being able to multitask, working and watching the little one and taking care of the home all at the same time. But sometimes, that can also be a bit stressful when I'm in the middle of something and trying to finish but I have to stop because little one needs me. I love being able to set my own hours but at the same time that can spell disaster when I need to get things done but feel like I don't have the time or the energy


As I have stayed home for nearly one year.. I started to get agitated because there was no one to talk to and nothing to do. I find that meeting new people at different jobs tends to be a soothing effect in some way. But then after the long "9 to 5" shifts I found it extremely stressful to be able to wind down the stress before returning home to my child.

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Moms, is working from home as stressful as other jobs
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