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Over the counter products to treat pimples on your child

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Acne can be a frustrating part of puberty ! And there are many, many products that you can use for treating it. Keep in mind though, it often has very little to do with cleanliness and much more to do with hormones and how the skin reacts to those.

The best suggestion I have given my own children is to wash their face daily with a very mild soap and warm water. Especially hit the areas of the face around the hairline as sometimes oil and hair products can cause acne.

Some teens and pre teens like to use astringents like Oxy Clean or Sea Breeze. While these may be very useful for those with oily skin, it may actually cause a sensitivity reaction that looks like pimples. So in fact using the products may CAUSE the blemishes. This is a good reason to know your own skin and if it is sensitive then stay away from harsh skin cleaners!

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Over the counter products to treat pimples on your child
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