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Abruption of placenta causes and symptoms

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In this condition the placenta starts to separate from the wall of the uterus. The underlying cause is often unclear, bu it is more common in cigarette smokers, cocaine and crack users and women with poor nutrition, high blood pressure or thrombophilia.
Placental abruption is very painful, because blood seeps into the muscles of the uterus, causing irritation and contractions. If you experience a minor abruption, the baby is not distressed and your own condition is stable, it may be possible for you to go home after a few days observation in hospital. If the bleeding is severe, the build-up of blood behind the placenta leads to severe pain and further detachment of the placenta. If the uterus feels " woody" and is tender to touch then an emergency delivery will be needed, usually by c-section.

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Abruption of placenta causes and symptoms
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