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How did you potty train your girls?

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My daughter has always been eager to learn anything, and when it came to using the toilet she was more than willing to learn! I never pushed the idea, my daughter has always been on demand. She watched me go to the bathroom since she was an infant and now that she is a toddler, she is more aware of her surroundings. When she showed an interest we talked about it, I showed her how the toilet worked. I put her potty next to the toilet and she kept sitting on it. One day she said pee and I took her to her toilet and she went pee. Now she goes twice a day and I think its all about when they are ready!!


I began training her at about 2 to 2 1/2. She refused to go. We tried the every 20 minutes, I tried to bribe her with M & M's, bought her princess undies. She wasn't having it. We were both so frustrated. I talked to a friend about it and she said this to me..

"Have you ever seen a Kindergarten kid still in diapers?" In my case, I have never seen this. With that said, I just dropped the whole thing with my daughter and let her decide when she was ready. One day, she was 3. She asked to go to the potty and that was it.


My husband Ashton actually came up with the idea!

Each time Bryn went potty and washed her hands she was aloud to open the potty box on the counter. In the potty box contained one treat, not always candy!

Sometimes a homemade cookie, a "coupon" to the ice cream parlor, a small toy, a trip to the dollar store, a new bow for her hair, fruit and occasionally a piece of candy


My oldest was doing great in the beginning. She was about 20 months when we started.

her little sister was born and she decided that if sister could poop and pee in her diapers, than so could she!

Few months later, she started showing interest again and she didn't like being wet or the feeling of being dirty. So she starting telling me "potty potty" and before we realized it, she was going!


I started potty training at about 1 1/2 with both our girls. That's when we started is when they started to take their diapers off all the time and my oldest hated to set in a dirty diaper so she'd bring me a diaper if she dirtied it up, like ok mom change me

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How did you potty train your girls?
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