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Sleeping on side during pregnancy

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I sleep on my left side cuz I have my son on the left side of the bed he has his own space of the bed we have hardly any for ourselves and I have to keep an eye out for him and have a pillow infront of my belly so he won't kick me .....its hard staying on one side too I have my husband hug me all night long and when he doesn't I pull him back again lol he doesn't complain


Sleep on your side is important especially in later pregnancy . It can be hard though to get comfortable . I would suggest some sort of pregnancy pillow or body pillow . I used a crazy amount of pillows while I was pregnant to get comfortable . I would have my body pillow in between my legs and under my belly and then pillows behind me to help my back . If you wake up on your back don't stress out just move back to your side .


Sleeping during the later months of pregnancy was not something that came easy. I had to sleep on my side the last 3 or 4 months because it was the only way I could get comfortable. I highly recommend a pregnancy pillow I never had one but hear they help out a lot. Also I dealt with peeing a lot more at nights and sometimes insomnia which is all normal towards the end. I was so relieved to be able to sleep on my back after I had all of my babies.


I went as long as I could on my stomach, and then switched to laying on my left side. Using a body pillow behind me helped keep me on my left side so I used that or a pregnancy pillow to get into the habit of left-side sleeping.


During pregnancy it's best to sleep on your left side with a body pillow for god blood flow for you and your baby. Body pillows are great for your knees and to help support your belly too. I use to sleep on my stomach before I got pregnant but haven't been able to since, mainly because my breast leak if I'm laying on them


I had a lot more problems sleeping with my second pregnancy. I had a small blanket that I would snuggle with because I didn't figure my hubby would appreciate me snuggling with a stuffed animal. That helped with the shoulders.

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Sleeping on side during pregnancy
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