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With our middle daughter my husband had been teasingly saying for weeks I was pregnant. When we got married I was frustrated because my ' baby fat' made my gut look big. Three weeks later I finally went to the doctor who confirmed pregnancy. I was 17 weeks.


When I wouldn't let my boyfriend touch my breaststroke anymore due to the pain, we bought pregnancy tests. They were First Response with the little lines, not digital. So I peed on the stick and looked at the lines as immediately as my pee was moving into the place where the lines were BOTH LINES TURNED BLUE CLEAR AS DAY. But the instructions said to wait so many minutes so I didn't say anything and went to the room to sit on the bed watching the bathroom with my boyfriend. When it was time I said "Babe I'm pretty sure it said I was pregnant but go check for me again, I was probably just seeing things" So he goes in the bathroom and yells YOU'RE NOT PREGNANT to which I sigh in relief and yell back ARE YOU SERIOUS then he screams with an evil laugh attached JUST KIDDING YOU ARE and I just started balling.


I was with my friends and their newborn baby. We were goofing off looking at our bellies in the mirror. We goofed off acting like we were pregnant. She had extra pregnancy tests and we decided to take one because she was joking with her boyfriend that she was pregnant again. So as a joke we both took one and when mine right away came back with a positive blue sign I SCREAMED! She came running in, i was shaking so bad, didnt think it was really true. She was all excited and said aweee guys shes pregnant! I took a pictre and sent it to my bf who wasnt as excited as i was, we were both terrified! I remember he threw the test out the car window driving down the road.


When I was pregnant with my 3rd son, the midwife accidently broke my water while trying to strip my membranes. I had to go get one of my boys from preschool before going to the hospital, as we were walking to the car he said "mom why do you have bubbles coming out of the bottom of your pants" Yikes!!!

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Pregnant girls funny stories: share your here
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