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Will having sex while pregnant hurt the baby

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It's perfectly safe to have sex while you are pregnant. Find a position that is so comfortable to you but be so extra careful.


I don't care how scared your hubby might be in 'hitting the baby's head' or 'feeling a baby hand grab his penis'...it's not gonna happen.

Don't worry so much about the baby, YOU have to be comfortable. Especially as your tummy gets bigger, you might have to find a more comfortable position


In a normal healthy pregnancy it is perfectly safe to have sex. Make sure you use common sense, if something hurts or if you have any problems stop or take it easy. Many women find sex during pregnancy to be very enjoyable, especially during the second trimester.

The baby is well protected in your uterus. Your cervix is sealed shut protecting your baby against bacteria from the vagina. The amniotic sac and fluid around the baby provide a safe and cushioned environment for your baby.

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Will having sex while pregnant hurt the baby
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