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Practice preschool listening skills

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There are fun ways preschool kids can practice listening skills. Play a memorization game of "Whisper down the lane" by having them sit in a circle. Whisper a simple phrase into one child's ear and have them repeat it to the child sitting next to them by whispering it in their ear. When it gets to the last child, have them repeat it aloud.

Read a story and afterwards, ask kids details they remember. What was the main character's name? How did they solve their problem?

Sing a song with repeating lyrics such as BINGO. After singing the first set of lyrics, point to a child and ask them to sing the rest.

Give a set of instructions, such as "Take off your coat and hang it up. Then wash your hands and dry them on the towel." Ask them to repeat the instructions back to you.

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Practice preschool listening skills
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