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Pretending to be a baby: should I be concerned?

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No. My daughter is 3 and does it all the time. She knows what's acceptable as play and what isn't. I think children who act out as babies are simply trying to be cute and get attention, and there's nothing wrong with that as long as they know when to stop. Clara will play and act, but if I ask her to pick her toys up, she will. I keep the baby-acting as a game and nothing more. My mom and I will even swaddle her in giant blankets and rock her, pretending along with her. She just likes to be silly and why squash that? If your child is taking it too far, I would do reverse psychology on them. If they continuously act like a baby, but ask for something that only big kids can have, say, "I'm sorry, but babies can't have that." or, "Babies can't do those things." They'll quickly get the picture lol.

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Pretending to be a baby: should I be concerned?
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