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Should parents pull out a loose baby tooth?

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My daughter is 6 (she will be 7 at the end of July) and she lost her first tooth a couple months ago. Both of her two front bottom teeth were loose at the same time. They were both barely hanging on by a thread and we couldn't get them out (me and my sister) and my daughter tried as well. We were worried that she was gonna swallow them in her sleep plus she had a tooth coming in but it was behind the baby tooth. Anyway, my sister got the first tooth pulled. The next day my sister and I tried pulling the second one and couldnt get it. My daughter ended up pulling that one on her own. Now her two front top teeth are loose.


My oldest lost her first tooth (well teeth) yetsterday. The little turd didn't even tell us they were loose. She pulled the first one while our babysitter was rocking baby to sleep for her morning nap and hid the tooth. Nicole noticed the gap shortly after and asked her if she chipped a tooth and if she could look at it. Well I won't make this a long story. The one next to it was loose and Sami pulled it around lunch time. We got the second one and put it on her dresser last night and the tooth fairy brought Sami a matching game and a little glass token thing with a heart on it. So starts the visits of the tooth fairy.


its best to wait until that last thread, if you pull it out before the other tooth behind it is ready, it can lead to crooked teeth. just dont wait too long, because if the adult tooth starts to grow in before the baby tooth has come out, it can be very painful, my sister was so afraid to lose her first tooth she refused to touch, and then the adult tooth came in, pushing on the still attached baby tooth, and i remember my parents pretty much having to hold her down to get the tooth out.

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Should parents pull out a loose baby tooth?
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