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Rash on a baby after fever, why?

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This happened to my daughter and to my son. The doctor said its a common virus that kids get. It causes a fever for a few days and then they get little red bumpyish rash. The doctor said that the rash is the virus leaving the body and there is no medicine for a virus it just has to run its course. There's no need to worry unless the baby's fever goes over 100.1 degrees. Then I would contact your doctor or maybe pay the hospital a visit. Its always better to be safe. Doesn't make you a crazy hypochondriac mom.


With my daughter, it was like a heat rash. Clara got heat rashes pretty often during her first year. The best thing for me was to keep all of her clothes off and put powder on her. I would rub the powder on my hands first so it wouldn't poof into the air and her breath it in. Then I'd rub in on her back and on her legs and butt. Since she's been about a year old, we haven't had very many rash problems. And her fevers never get severe enough to produce a rash. I wouldn't worry about it too much unless it started to spread rapidly and didn't go away in a couple of days.

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Rash on a baby after fever, why?
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