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How often should I sanitize baby bottles?

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A few months ago I got a bottle from Walmart that is MAM brand. It has self sanitizing instructions with it. Put an ounce of water in the bottom, put the top inside the bottom, screw the bottle to the bottom, set the cap on top, microwave for 3 minutes. I was curious enough to try it. Works well. I still washed the bottle with soap and water afterwards. I don't have a dishwasher and our tap water is not great. We don't drink the tap water or use it for for food other than if we are cooking a kettle full of pasta or a bunch of rice.


I don't sanitize my bottles in any special way . I usually run them thru the dishwasher or I let them soak in hot soapy water for awhile and then clean them out with a bottle brush . Honestly in my opinion babies need to be exposed to some germs to help their immune systems develop so sanitizing everything all of the time isn't good either . I do always wash the bottles when I buy them before I use them .

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How often should I sanitize baby bottles?
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