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One story I know of a scary looking baby was my old neighbor's daughter... Don't get me wrong, she was ADORABLE most of the time.. just the cutest little girl. BUT... She would look at you with this icy stare... Just like she's looking through you or getting in your head or hypnotising you.. I donno, but it gave me the heeby jeebies sometimes. I don't mean she did it for a few seconds. Like she would do it for minutes (that seemed like horrifying ages) and just.. not move. She just stared. It's like she wasn't even breathing, just affixed on you. And she had really dark eyes, so she just seemed like a little girl from a horror movie.


My son is a month old and he has a certain face he makes that scares me. His ees roll back in his head and his mouth quivers into a smile.It looks very scary, especially when he starts moving his head side to side. Do I have a possessed baby?

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Tell us your stories of scary looking babies
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