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Are single moms screwing their kids up?

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I say NO way!! i am not a single parent but my mother was with 4 children and she did a HELL OF A JOB by herself, and if she had stood with my dad we would it had being living in a hell and she really would had screw us by staying!!


No way!! I know in some situations if the mom chose to stay she'd be screwing her kid from happiness. Being a single mom is in no way screwing up you kid. A child needs to be loved by someone whether that be a mom or dad or grandparents or aunts and uncles. A single mom is a tough job but a very rewarding one! Anyone who thinks single moms are screwing up their kid has no idea proabably what a single mom goes through!


My husband's mom was a Single Mother for a long time until she met her new boyfriend who's been with her so long they might as well be married (my husband's dad died when he was 4) and she had to raise him and his sister alone until she met Tom. She was incredibly strict, maybe ridiculously so, to hear some of the stories they tell, but she made sure they ate right, did their chores, knew to respect others, and were healthy. She kept a nicer house over their head than my own parents did for me. She had it tough, and so she had to act tough, but she managed, and she did a good job. My own parents divorced when I was 6 and my mom was too busy working to be a mom. We're more screwed up than my husband and his sister are. We had more health problems, the food we were given was not by any means healthy or even vaguely good for us.

It's not about if you're a single parent, divorced, or happily/unhappily married. It's about the choices you make.

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Are single moms screwing their kids up?
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