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Rocks a baby to sleep: yay or nay?

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Personal preference really. Just keep in mind that anything you do as part of their sleeping routine they will rely on to fall asleep in the future. So keep in mind that your newborn will expect you to still be rocking them to sleep when they are 8 months old lol. If it's not something that you are going to want to do for a long time then I would suggest not doing it. Personally I won't do it because then when they are older, or they wake up in the middle of the night, they will need to be rocked to go back to sleep. And no way do I want to have to rock him everytime he needs to go to sleep. My son's routine is very simple, he gets a clean diaper, a bottle and then his swaddler blanket,then he's put in his bed at night time. During the day he gets his clean diaper and a bottle but he only gets a receiving blanket and he naps in a different place from where he sleeps for the night. He's 4 weeks old and he only gets the swaddler blanket when it's bedtime and he naps in a different place than he sleeps at night. This way he knows when it's time for bed vs a nap.


It depends!

It totally depends on if you WANT to get into the rocking routine or not. Keep in mind if you start from the get go rocking them to sleep, like anything else, they will get used to it! If you don't want them to rely on rocking to fall asleep, I would suggest don't do it.. We have never rocked Monroe to sleep.. he will fall asleep ANYWHERE, even in a noisy place, all on his own - woo!

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Rocks a baby to sleep: yay or nay?
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