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How old is too old to sleep with mom and dad?

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My husband and I always decided that our bed would be our bed, and the kid's beds would be the kid's beds. We have never let them sleep in our bed,and we have never slept in our kids' bed. I know so many families, though, that have a family bed where everyone sleeps together. So I don't really know when it's too old for kids to stop sleeping with mom and dad.


We had our son sleep with us in our bed for his first 3 months and then had him sleep in his crib from then on. Occasionally, he'll take a nap in our bed still though. He transitioned very easily, he had no problem with his crib. I would say for taking naps, no age is too old for me. For sleeping through the night, I would want to make it stop by 3 or 4.

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How old is too old to sleep with mom and dad?
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