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How to find someone to adopt my baby

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The best way to find someone to adopt your baby would be to contact a local adoption agency, first I would see if any relatives maybe are best suited to adopt if you want to keep baby within the family, however, if you are strictly seeking an outside adoption then call the Dept of health and Human Services in your area or a local pregnancy doctor to see if they can provide you with some referrals for an adoption agency. Never use online sites like Craigslist or other avenues to find adoptive parents, making the choice to have your baby adopted isn't always easy, but if you use a repeatable adoption agency, you will at least rest easy knowing you made a good choice in who will adopt baby.


You can type adoption into you web browser and a whole bunch of adoption agencies will pop up. I'd take the time to go through them and pick an agency you'd prefer. You can contact the agency and they'll send you information about their agency and possible birth parents. When the time is right you can move forward with the adoption plan.

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How to find someone to adopt my baby
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