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How to heal depression as a stay at home mom

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Get moving! Exercise lowers the stress hormone cortisol and naturally raises levels of energy and happiness.

Visit with a friend if you can. Someone who doesn't bring you down. Just have a lunch or invite them on a walk.

Don't spend the whole time complaining... Use it as a chance to reconnect, listen, and switch your focus.


Aside from remembering to take medication... it is IMPORTANT to get outside the house! Maybe schedule a play date or join a playgroup!

One of the BEST things to do is open the curtains!

I do find that the best way to combat the symptoms is to open the shades and let the sun in... it gives an extra boost and naturally combats the depression.


But depression after having a baby, especially when you're always at home, always dealing with the baby, can be especially rough.

You need to find someone to talk to, hopefully someone who understands. Even if it's just a close friend, you need to tell someone what's going on in your head. Vent those frustrations and feelings before they become too pent up and too volatile.

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How to heal depression as a stay at home mom
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