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Switching formula brands: what's the best one?

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We tried switching Monroe to TWO non name brand formulas, exactly comparable to Enfamil and each time it didn't work for us.. he either spit up A TON, which on Enfamil he never does, or he was completely cranky and not himself... but that's just our experience with it all :) trust me... we would LOVE to save the extra moola.. but for now.. and until his 1 year Birthday.. it'll be Enfamil!


my friend recommended Enfamil AR to me. The good thing about it is that it has rice starch in it to help keep the milk down. I started her on this about 6 months, I should have started earlier really. My pediatrician also said all formulas are the same but when you look at the back of the formula box you'll notice the ingredients are numerically a little different from one another. This can have a profound effect on some infants, from my own experience, because I tried several different brands and types within the brands until I found one that worked well on her.

Anyway good luck and see how it works! FYI, before she was on Enfamil AR I had switched her from Similac to Enfamil Gentlease (worked great for a while). The proteins in Gentlease are more broken down for easier digestion.

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Switching formula brands: what's the best one?
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