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Why do teens want to get pregnant

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I have known many teens who want to get pregnant, some of whom succeeded. I think it's because that is when our libido is high, that is when our body tells us it is time to reproduce. Whether or not it's culturally accepted or feasible to raise a baby in your teens by yourself, our hindbrain and hormones kick in. Getting pregnant in the teen years has been very common through most of history. Sometimes it is also an attempt to fill a void and not knowing what all having a baby entails.


I don't think they want to get pregnant instead they are careless of what they're doing at the moment. I know for me personally I didn't plan to get pregnant at 17 but it happened and I had to go on with it. So teens do actually want to get pregnant maybe because they feel low and lonely in life and think a baby will help them. Or they think it'll make their boyfriend stay as to where in reality he has a 50% higher chance of leaving the baby and her.

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Why do teens want to get pregnant
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