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Should we have a baby shower for our third child?

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I think ever baby should have a baby shower... they are new to the world and the stuff is for them... its like a birthday party just one before they are here... I'm hoping to have one for all my kids but I have a feeling that wont happen... I had to talk my friends in to giving me one for my son... no one wanted to give me one... it was super depressing and super hurtful :(


It's up to you! I'm having a baby shower and this is my 4th baby. I only had a shower for my middle and 3rd baby. With my 3rd I didn't have stuff because after my 2nd baby passed I gave it to a mom in need. This will be my SO 1st baby and 1st grandchild for his family. They want to do a shower and I don't see nothing wrong with it. Go ahead whether it's your first or fourth. I will attend a baby shower no matter how many the person had already.


I had a baby shower for all of my children except my first. I do not see anything wrong with having a baby shower for all of your pregnancies if you want one. I think you need stuff for all of your babies so if someone offers to give you a shower don't feel guilty at all if it is not your first. The baby needs things plus it is a way for an expecting mom to feel special towards the end of her pregnancy. All expecting moms deserve a baby shower!


I know a lot of people don't think it is right to have baby shower after your first baby . I however think it is a great thing . I had one with all 6 of my boys . To me it is a celebration of the new baby coming and not about just getting things you need for baby . You can always request that no one brings a gift because you have everything you need . You could also have them bring a book or a package of diapers . every new baby needs diapers !! Another great idea is having people donate to a local charity instead of a gift . There are many ways to have a celebration without people needing to bring a gift.


Absolutely! Every child / mom deserves it and you will need new born diapers, new clothes, gift certificates for formula..etc.. Go for it!


I love the idea of a babyshower to celebrate the birth of a baby, and to show the momma some love. If you didn't want to have a shower before the baby is born, have a "meet the baby" type baby shower, this way you can still get gifts, and everyone can meet the baby in one shot instead of everyone stopping by your house at different times.


With my first I had a shower and with my 2nd I had a diaper party. With this pregnancy, one of the girls from my work wants to throw me a baby shower; which I think is very sweet of her :)


I had one with my first two kids but stopped after that, not because I dislike showers or anything but I just felt I didn't need to have them anymore.

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Should we have a baby shower for our third child?
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