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Toddler behavior problems: what to do when your toddler says "no"

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My son tells me no quite often. The most important thing is to be patient and polite yet stand you ground. I am polite as I can possibly be.

I like to explain to my son why he has to sit on the couch. And sometimes i will help him. Only putting a couple things away then making him do the rest.

The more polite i am with him the better he is in all situations.


My daughter is in the no stage. Anything anyone asks her is a no. She'll shake her head no or sometimes she'll just say no. I let her just say it because i know she's just in a phase and she'll get over it soon. I don't really do anything unless it's a problem with her really telling me no.

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Toddler behavior problems: what to do when your toddler says "no"
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