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When should your toddler visit the dentist

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Typically they say your child should see a dentist after a couple teeth come in but generally go between the first or second birthday


Ideally, your child should go to the dentist by her first birthday, but it's generally fine to wait until 2 or 3. Putting it off any longer than that, however, increases your child's risk for having to deal with plaque buildup or cavities at her first visit.


my daughters doctor said when she is two she should see the dentist but i am considering going ahead and making an appointment for her.


My dentist told me when they get their first teeth


I took my oldest to his first dentist when he was just a year old. And my 4 year old when he turned one year old and have had root canal done. And Kaden recently in the summer.

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When should your toddler visit the dentist
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