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Divorce and kids: dealing with toddler's anger

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Divorcing when you have a toddler is the hardest thing to deal with, it relates closely to teenagers dealing with parents divorcing. Their world has just been turned upside down, if the divorce was amicable, which is far from the norm, it would be easier, however, two people divorcing aren't always thinking with their right brain.

The best way to handle toddler's anger over divorce is to talk to them, be sure to comfort them, realize and understand that they just lost their parents. In the toddler's mind they have lost a parent, because after all they will primarily reside with one parent, after living their life with both parents. Usually counseling can assist in helping a toddler who is struggling with anger issues, however, you can help on your own too. Communicate with your ex and work together to comfort your child, remember that their feelings are valid and anger may be the only way they know how to release that emotion of feeling sad, lost and confused.

Give extra hugs, make time to spend with the toddler, so that they feel loved after losing a parent to divorce. An angry toddler due to divorce simply needs a lot of love, compassion and two parents who can be there for their child during this rough transition time. Books about divorce for toddler's help too, this will give the some kid level insight on how every family is different and that they are still very much so loved. I am an avid fan of using children storybooks based on the subject of divorce to help shed light on the positives that can come from divorce.


Divorce is very hard on children and most likely they will have anger towards everyone. They feel as if they are being left behind by the parent who they aren't living with.

My advice is to let the little one know that he/she is loved by both parents. Give him/her many hugs and kisses. Try to be on good terms with the non-custodial parent, as to show the child that mom/dad can get along.

Dealing with the anger is hard, but it can be done. Let the child vent his/her feelings (if they are old enough to talk, that is), listen to what they're saying. Explain to them that it's okay to feel upset. Their life has been turned upside by divorce.

If they are old enough, try and get them into counseling with a child counselor.

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Divorce and kids: dealing with toddler's anger
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