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Toddlers behavior problems after a new baby arrives

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Toddlers who have a new baby in the home have just had their world turned upside down. They are going to have behavioral issues because they are feeling left out, as if Mommy doesn't love them as much anymore, because let's face it - a new baby requires a lot of our attention, energy and so forth.

The best way to deal with behavioral problems with a toddler after a new baby arrives is to first be proactive before baby comes! Give your toddler their own baby doll, diapers, and a play baby doll crib if you can. Practice having toddler tend to the baby doll as if it's a baby, have you work with the baby doll as if it's the baby. This will help show your toddler what is coming into his/her world soon!

Once baby is born, have toddler involved as much as possible with baby care. Make time to spend with toddler alone when baby is sleeping. Ensure that you are showing the toddler that they still are loved and still matter bunches even though they now have to share mommy!

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Toddlers behavior problems after a new baby arrives
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