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What were your first pregnancy symptoms?

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I'm not that far along yet. I haven't had morning sickness only things messing with me are my boobs are hurting, I use to eat like a bird. Now I get cranky with my bf if I Dont have food. So the first few weeks are going pretty easy for my very first kid. I am so excited. Since I found out about the baby I've had way more energy.


I'm a new first time mother. Most of you woman know what all happens. I need a lot of info. Such as eating while pregnant. Workouts while pregnant. Pretty much any info would be amazing.


Felt a little bit sick, nausea and vomiting, sensitive to smells, spitting, lack of appetite. But all that ended in my first trimester..




vomiting an weight gain


Crazy, out of control emotions...
Super tired!


For Jonah it was a missed period and slight tightness of my stomach. I also felt his presence, as weird as that sounds.
With this one, my hubby had tender breasts and made a comment:
Are you sure you aren't pregnant? My nipples are hurting." I lost it. Lol!! I was constantly tired with this one (still am) and nauseated. I took a test (five of them over a course of three days) and all positive.


I had migraines, was weak, light headed and had nausea.

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What were your first pregnancy symptoms?
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