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What were your first pregnancy symptoms?

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vomiting an weight gain


Crazy, out of control emotions...
Super tired!


For Jonah it was a missed period and slight tightness of my stomach. I also felt his presence, as weird as that sounds.
With this one, my hubby had tender breasts and made a comment:
Are you sure you aren't pregnant? My nipples are hurting." I lost it. Lol!! I was constantly tired with this one (still am) and nauseated. I took a test (five of them over a course of three days) and all positive.


I had migraines, was weak, light headed and had nausea.


Very swollen and sore breasts and rapid weight loss my first months..then my first trimester I had constant nausea then nothing till baby decided my bladder was the hangout spot the last two months


My only pregnancy symptom has ever been a missed period. I've never had morning sickness, nausea, emotional distress or anything.


Nausea and I was very tired but before my 2nd trimester I was feeling better and started having a normal appetite again.


I had a lot of fluid, mostly in my legs.
It was painful, especially when I had to be on my feet a lot. My feet grew a size, & widened. My feet have never been the same (this was 10 years ago).

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What were your first pregnancy symptoms?
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