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What to do for a baby that sleeps very little

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Hmm.. this would depend on WHEN they are sleeping very little.. if they rarely take naps during the day.. this can be common.. in fact, my own little guy isn't the greatest at them :) But what I have started to do was get him more and more active.. he already is super active.. but upping that seemed to get him sleepy and help him take MUCH needed naps.. then he was that much happier :) If bedtime is when they are not sleeping much.. many things can be done.. trying to nix before bedtime naps.. trying to establish a routine.. trying to see what helps soothe them.. music, paci, feeding, a bath.. babies are all so unique and they all need different cues and comforts in their lives.. you have to try many different things sometimes!

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What to do for a baby that sleeps very little
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