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What vitamins are best for your toddler?

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It depends on the kids eating habits of they don't have balanced nutrition them give them vitamins some their immunes stay up to fight infections


Elise takes Tri-Vitamin its generic for Enfamil Tri-Vi-Sol they have Vitamins A, C, and D it It provides 50% of the Daily Value of essential vitamins A, C and D. Delivers vitamin D as recommended by the AAP and IOM, an essential vitamin that helps your baby's body absorb calcium for strong bones and teeth Vitamin A helps keep skin, vision and mucous membranes healthy Vitamin C promotes healthy connective tissue development Free of artificial sweeteners.

1ML has:

1500 IU of Vitamin A
35 MG of Vitamin C
400 IU of vitamin D


Nothing is more important to your child than to get all the nutrients and proteins while growing up. And it's the best we can trying to support them. We didn't need to worry while we carried them for 40 weeks, because they took everything they needed from us (we had to worry more about us to get enough nutrients for yourself and your LO). But once they out with us, we have the responsibility to maintain their health. I tried the flinstones, but she doesn't like them(despite she like sweets) So I use vitamins in powder form to drink. Baby girl loves them. It's natural, no sugar added, healthy and she drinks automatically more liquid,too. Which helps a lot..especially in summer time.


Growing up, my sister and I always took Flintstones Vitamins for kids. Now they have a wide range of Flintstones vitamin options for toddlers, and older kids too. I would go with a multivitamin created with kids in mind, as an adult vitamin would possibly be too high of a dose of vitamins (or low) for toddlers. They also have gummy type vitamins, but the Flintstones vitamins have been around forever and worked well for me when I was a toddler. Too many vitamins will not be good either, so remember to take into account what your toddler is getting for nutrients through food & drink, before choosing the proper version of Flintstones vitamins or other brand toddler vitamin.


If your toddler have a balanced, healthy diet, then they don't need vitamins.. However for those that don't receive proper balance of nutrients that their body need, I would recommend the kind that looks like candy, so it would be easier for them to chew. Gummy Bears there are different brands (Lil Critters, Disney, Gummy Vites)

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What vitamins are best for your toddler?
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